JET has gained an expertise for achieving excellence in the Manufacturing  and supply of  Ferrous and non ferrous forged  with machined parts.

We are manufacturer and supplier of valve parts, gear blanks, copper contacts,  electrical spares parts, transmission parts, motor and all forged components  in steel alloys, aluminium, Copper and Brass.  We also specialized in manufacturing of tools for forging, die cast, Pressure Die Cast, Press tools and other special complicated tools. We also  outsource  Aluminium Die Casting, Investment Casting, Plastics, Casting components. All the components are machined in-house to Supply with full finished Parts.

We also expertise and experience in special process like Heat Treatment, Plating Process with full or partial (Silver, Nickel, Tin,  Anodizing, Chromating and Zinc) and  Painting etc., We supply the components to fulfill the customer requirements like quality, on time delivery, low cost and continual Improvement of the process.

By active follow-up of the quality policy and objective, Our  company has earned a excelled quality and on time Delivery rating from its customer.

JET Supply the components to the following Applications :

Electrical Power generation
Defence Equipments
Valve Manufacturer
Auxiliary Industries
Motor Parts
Textile Parts
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Precision