Our Factory  is Located in Sidco, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. JET Presently occupies an extent at 5000 Sqft. With an extent of 10000 Sq.Ft. area is available for Future expansion

JET  has a capacity of  one ton per shift and  it is accumulated to  forge average 20 tones per month.  Currently we are working 1.5 Shifts per day and we increase upto 3 shifts when the volume is high.

300T forging screw Press
1 No
100T Trimming Press
1 No
Oil timed furnace
1 No
Oil pumping unit
1 No
Automatic Cutting Machine
1 No
Cutting Machine (Conventional)
3 Nos
EDM Machine
2 Nos
CNC Machines
3 Nos
Conventional Lathe Machines
4 Nos
Drilling Machine
1 No
Belt Grinders
2 Nos


Our goal setting, achieving  capability and Continual improvements, our company is working towards  to TS 16949 : 2002 standards.

We will extent our concern with the following future plans :

CNC Turning Centre
2 Nos
2010 December
VMC Machine Centre
1 No
2011 March
100 T/200T Frication Screw  Press
1 No
2011 December
250 kv Electrical Furnace
1 No
2011 May
Electrical Generator
1 No
2011 Dec
Own  Land with Building
2012 March


Machined Components
Ferrous Forgings
Non-Ferrous Forgings
Outsource Casting
Forged Components
Food Mixing
Electrical Insulator
Switch Gear Shifting Lever
Fuse Application
Valve Application
Electrical Translator
Light Vehicle Gear Box Parts
Electrical Application
Electrical Switch Gear Parts
Switch Gear Parts
Switch Gear Transformer Shaft
Motor Spares
Multi Clean Spares
Motor Crank Shaft
Bus Door System
Valve Parts
Gear Engaging Parts
Fuel Connectors
Bore-well Spares Parts
Locking Purpose
Marine Exclavator Spares
Drive Shaft Application
Auto Gear Box Spares
Engine Parts
Medium Vehicle Gear Parts
Fluid Control
Fluid Application